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Mapecem 202 (Two-Part)

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Mapecem 202 is a two-component, shrinkage-compensated, polymer-modified, fast-setting cementitious mortar with a corrosion inhibitor.
Part A & B Sold Seperately

For concrete repair and topping applications from 1/4" to 2" (6 mm to 5 cm), or extended up to 20% by weight for thicknesses from 2" to 6" (5 to 15 cm) with 3/8" (10 mm) thoroughly washed, sound, saturated surface-dry (SSD) pea gravel
Requires only the addition of its liquid (Part B), and is prepackaged with both components for easy field use and control
Can be applied using a trowel or screed
Mapecem 202 can be opened to foot and rubber-wheel traffic within 4 hours.
For horizontal, exterior/interior structural concrete repairs and toppings at thicknesses from 1/4" to 2" (6 mm to 5 cm)
For use as a monolithic topping where fast drying is required
When properly mixed and installed, Mapecem 202 has a residual moisture content of less than 2.5% at 24 hours, making it ideal for floor-covering applications in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial structures.
Concrete surface must be clean and free of loose particles, efflorescence, paint, tars, grease, asphaltic materials, bond breakers, curing compounds, wax and any foreign substance.
Mechanically profile clean, sound and stable concrete surfaces to obtain a concrete surface profile (CSP) equal to or greater than #5 per ICRI Guideline #310.2R-2013.
Clean any exposed steel reinforcement and coat with Mapefer 1K or Planibond ® 3C (see the respective Technical Data Sheet for details) to protect against corrosion.
Before product use, take appropriate safety precautions. Refer to the Safety Data Sheet for details.
1. Into a clean mixing pail, pour 4/5 of the required amount of latex liquid (Part B).
2. Slowly add the Part A powder to the liquid while mixing, using a low-speed mixer (at 300 to 500 rpm).
3. Add as much of the remaining 1/5 of liquid as needed to achieve the desired consistency. Mix for up to 4 minutes, removing any unmixed powder and remix to a smooth, homogenous consistency.

Read all installation instructions thoroughly before installation.
1. Before application, ensure that prepared concrete is SSD.
2. Apply with a trowel or a screed, with or without formwork (screed rail), on a horizontal surface.
Cure with wet burlap or polyethylene sheet during the first 4 hours of curing. Alternately, apply a water-based curing compound conforming to ASTM C309.
Wash hands and tools promptly with water before the material hardens. Cured material must be mechanically removed.
Do not add other additives, water or cements to Mapecem 202.
Do not use solvent-based curing compounds.
Only use between 45°F and 95°F (7°C and 35°C). Note that cool, damp and humid conditions will slow the rate of hydration and will cause the mortar to retain a higher moisture content for a longer period of time.

Product Performance Properties
 Laboratory Tests Results
Compressive strength – ASTM C109 (CAN/CSA-A5)
4 hours > 2,200 psi (15,2 MPa)
1 day > 3,100 psi (21,4 MPa)
7 days > 4,950 psi (34,1 MPa)
28 days > 6,150 psi (42,4 MPa)
Flexural strength – ASTM C348 (CAN/CSA-A23.2-8C)
1 day > 650 psi (4,48 MPa)
7 days > 1,085 psi (7,48 MPa)
28 days > 1,500 psi (10,3 MPa)
Modulus of elasticity – ASTM C469,  
28 days 2.6 x 10 6 psi (18,0 GPa)
Slant/shear bond strength – ASTM C882 (modified)
1 day > 1,100 psi (7,59 MPa)
7 days > 1,300 psi (8,97 MPa)
28 days > 1,450 psi (10 MPa)
Pull-off bond strength – ASTM C1583 Greater than concrete (rupture of concrete substrate)
Volume change – ASTM C157 (modified) Typical results
28 days, dry-cured -0.04%
28 days, wet-cured +0.015%
Abrasion resistance – ASTM D4060 , after 7 days
Taber H22-500 g, 200 cycles < 1,5 g
Freeze/thaw resistance – ASTM C666-A (CAN/CSA
A23.2-9B), 300 cycles
Resistance to de-icing salts – ASTM C672 (CAN/CSA
A23.2-16C), 50 cycles
0 rating, no scaling
Permeability to chlorides – ASTM C1202 (AASHTO T277),28 days Very low – in the range of 100 to 1,000 coulombs
VOCs (Rule #1168 of California’s SCAQMD) 0 g per L
Shelf Life and Product Characteristics (before mixing)
 Shelf life 1 year when stored in original, unopened packaging at 73°F (23°C)
Physical state Powder and latex liquid
Application Properties (mixed neat)
 Laboratory Tests Results
Color of mixture Dark gray
Mixing ratio (Part A : Part B = 8.9 : 1) 0.71 U.S. gal. (2,69 L) of Mapecem 202 Part B latex liquid per 55-lb. bag (2,69 L per 24,9-kg bag) of Mapecem 202 Part A powder
Consistency Screed mortar
 Density 131 lbs. per cu. ft. (2,10 kg per L)
pH (fresh mortar) 12.3
Slump – ASTM C143 (CAN/CSA-A23.2-5C)  9" (23 cm) (neat mortar)
Application temperature range 45°F to 95°F (7°C to 35°C)
Thickness per lift (neat) 1/4" to 2" (6 mm to 5 cm)
Pot life 30 minutes
Initial set – ASTM C191 60 minutes
Final set – ASTM C191 90 minutes
Open to traffic 4 hours

Application Properties (mixed with 20% of 3/8" [10 mm] pea gravel)*
 Laboratory Tests  Results
 Color of mixture  Dark gray
Compressive strength – ASTM C39 (4" x 8" [10 x 20 cm] cylinders)
1 day > 2,250 psi (15,5 MPa)
7 days > 2,800 psi (19,3 MPa)
28 days > 4,500 psi (31,0 MPa)
* See the chart titled “Application Properties (mixed neat)” for other mixture characteristics.

CSI Division Classifications
 Cast in Place Concrete 033000
Cementitious Decks and Underlayment 035000
Concrete Restoration and Cleaning 039000
Packaging Size
 Kit: 61.17-lb. (27,7-kg) kit Bag, Part A powder: 55 lbs. (24,9 kg)
Jug, Part B latex liquid: 0.71 U.S. gal. (2,69 L)
and 6.17 lbs. (2,80 kg)

Approximate Yield** per 61.17-lb. (27,7-kg) kit (mixed neat)
 0.47 cu. ft. (0,0133 m 3 )

Approximate Coverage** per 61.17-lb. (27,7-kg) kit (mixed neat)
 Thickness Coverage
1/4" (6 mm) 23.4 sq. ft. (2,17 m 2 )
1" (2,5 cm) 5.6 sq. ft. (0,52 m 2 )
2" (5 cm) 2.8 sq. ft. (0,26 m 2 )
** Coverage shown is for estimating purposes only. Actual jobsite coverage may vary according to substrate conditions and setting practices.
Refer to the SDS for specific data related to health and safety as well as product handling.