Starpatch Concrete Mortar - Regular

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Description: Patching Mortar is designed to patch horizontal or vertical surfaces such as floors and walls to a depth of 5/8”. Patching Mortar is used to repair damage caused by form removal, air holes and other imperfections. Patching Mortar is available in 3 different shades - Patching Reg., Patching #2 (lighter) and Patching #3(even lighter). For optimal substrate bonding use Starpatch 900X.

Recommended For: 
• Patching and repairing of imperfections on concrete structures.
• Exterior & interior vertical and horizontal surfaces.
• Honeycombs left from vibrating.
• Bad and off-set joints.
• Air holes.
• Low spots on slabs to maximum depth of approximately 5/8”.

• Easy to apply & use.
• Just add water to the powder mix and stir.
• Superior bonding and adhesion properties. Surface Preparation: All existing surfaces must be structurally sound solid and completely clean to include the removal of form release, existing sealers or paints, patching compounds, weak or loose areas, dust, dirt, oil or any other contaminant which may act as a bond breaker. Where required to obtain a solid surface, substrate penetration must be by mechanical means such as sandblasting or grinding. Starpatch 900X bonding agent should be used on the substrate for optimal adhesion. Allow the bonding agent to become dry or tacky before
applying Patching Mortar.

Mixing Instructions: Add the mortar powder with water until the desired consistency is achieved. Add approximately 3.6 to 4.0 liters (3.8 to 4.25 quarts) of water per 22.7kg/50lbs bag, do not exceed 4.5 liters (4.75 quarts). For added strength and adhesion you may substitute some of the water with up to 1 liter of 900X per bag. Be sure to put water in your mixing container first and then add the dry powder.

• Apply one layer at a time. Each layer must not exceed the depth or thickness of 5/8”.
• Temperature at time of application may not be lower than 5°C/41°F.
• For tie-holes deeper than 5/8” use Starpatch Patching Mortar in dry pack method. Fill 85% of the depth of the tie-hole with dry-pack Patching Mortar; fill the remaining hole with Patching Mortar in a normal consistency.
• In hot weather, prevent material from being exposed to the sun.


Starpatch Concrete Mortar - Regular TDS

Starpatch Concrete Mortar - Regular SDS