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Adseal Construction Sealant (4589 Series)

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ADSEAL DWS 4589 is a one-component sealant/adhesive that vulcanizes to a durable elastic rubber silicone in contact with ambient humidity. Due to its rheological and non-sagging characteristics, it can be applied above the head, over the joints and on surfaces of vertical and horizontal walls.

ADSEAL DWS 4589 SERIES adheres to glass, most types of wood, clean metals, fibreglass, silicone resins, ceramics, vulcanized silicone, synthetic and natural fibers, and many painted surfaces (Validate with your representative) or certain plastics. Additionally, ADSEAL DWS 4589 adheres well on masonry. The use of a primer might be necessary. Always perform a test before starting work.

ADSEAL DWS 4589 will not crack, degrade, lose volume, or change consistency if used within the parameters listed in the physical properties section.

Hard Rock Carries the Aluminum Colour in stock exclusively.


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