Fresno - 30" x 5" with Adjustable Threaded Bracket (MC30RTA)

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MARSHALLTOWN Multi-Mount Fresnos are made from high carbon steel and come with a specially designed mount that works with a large variety of bracket styles. The blade has a unique mounting block that allows for either a swivel bracket or a Bull Float bracket. These tools are available in either round or flat end. They are also available in our contractor-grade QLT brand. All MARSHALLTOWN brand Fresno Trowels are Made in the USA with Global Materials.
  • Mounting block fits a large variety of bracket styles for versatility
  • High carbon or blue steel blades
  • Choose your preferred blade shape, blade length, and bracket style
  • Available in our contractor-grade QLT alternative


Item I​D 1​0​6​5​7​

Shipping Weight               5.70 lbs
Shipping Length                31.10 in.
Shipping Width                  8.10 in.
Shipping Height                 4.50 in.
Inner Pack Quantity           1 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity          1 pieces