Pole Powder Blue Button

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MARSHALLTOWN Round Section Handles are used to extend the reach of your concrete tools. Choose between a variety of sizes in diameter (1-3/8`` and 1-3/4``) and lengths between 6-10 feet.  These poles are button poles. All these poles are powder coated blue or grey.
PB 6`x 1 3/8`` Button (17-6ASU)
PB 6`x 1 3/4`` Button (17-8ASU)
PB 4`x 1-3/8`` (PB48)
PB 6`x 1-3/8`` (PB72)
PB 8` x 1-3/8`` (PB96)
PB 8` x 1-3/4`` (PB96L)
PB 10` x 1-3/4`` (PB120L)