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XS Precast Bag Mix

SKU: 102343
Regular price $59.99

SureCrete’s XS-Precast concrete counter tops mix is a commercial grade pourable casting mix. Our patented blend is formulated with everything in the bag and is white cement based. Mix one bag of  counter top concrete powder, one-gallon liquid modifier additive, any color of your choice, mix and pour. It’s just that easy.

This mix can be poured in thicknesses as little as 1/2". This thickness is recommended for wall panels, floor tiles and such. One unit of XS Precast can cover 9.8 square feet at this thickness.  

A 3/4" thickness is recommended for counter tops, tabletops and projects like those. One unit of XS Precast will cover approximately 7.2 square feet at this thickness.

This product can be integrally coloured with our colour packs. There are two colour pallets available.  The SC Colour packs or the XS Colour Packs.

The XS Precast Mixes can also be stained with Eco-Stain.

Modifier sold separately.


XS Precast Bag TDS

XS Precast Bag SDS

XS Modifier SDS

Eco-Stain Colour Chart

SC Tru-Color Master Color Pack Chart

XS /DFRC Colour Chart