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Microtek One Coat - Micro-topping overlay White 40lb.

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MicroTek™ One Coat is a single-component, self-bonding, cement-based, extremely thin overlay for interior concrete surfaces. MicroTek One Coat was designed to yield an exceptionally smooth tight-troweled finish that can provide a new “blank canvas” for decorative concrete floors. It may also be placed vertically on interior walls, creating the look of Venetian plaster. Application is accomplished by trowel or “magic trowel". MicroTek One Coat is prepared with gray cement or white cement that may accept SC Color packs.

The principles for surface preparation for MicroTek One Coat are aligned with other cement-based overlays. The substrate must be:
1. Clean: The surface must be free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, paints, glues, sealers, curing agents, efflorescence, chemical contaminants, rust, algae, mildew, and other foreign matter that may serve as a bond breaker.
2. Cured: Any concrete must be sufficiently cured to have sufficient hydration, approximately 7 to 14 days depending on temperature and humidity.
3. Sound: No system should be placed on a substrate that is flaking, spalling, or has hibernating spalling.
4. Profiled: Floors - Proper profile should follow the standard established by The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) Technical Guideline No. 03732 for Concrete Surface Profile (CSP). The established profile is categorized as CSP-1 through CSP-3. The most common means to properly profile many concrete slabs is through the use of SCR (see SCR TDS). Some concrete slabs that are hard troweled or that are not sound may require more aggressive profiling achieved through diamond grinding or shot blasting. Customarily, profiling is not required for application over another cement-based overlay.

Walls - Customarily, profiling is not required for vertical application on a substrate.

The use of SCR is recommended on concrete. A painted surface may require deglossing or sanding. Drywall surfaces require finishing and priming prior to application.

1. Air and substrate surface temperatures shall remain between 50°F (10°C) and 90°F (32°C) during and within 48 hours of placement.
2. Cooler conditions will take significantly longer to cure.
3. This product (depending on weather conditions) should achieve initial set within 6 to 8 hours. Like concrete, full cure is reached at 28 days.
4. Sealer selection for a finished MicroTek One Coat project will require different cure times:
a. HS, Super and other acrylic products may apply as soon as overnight. See specific acrylic sealer TDS.
b. DK (Dura-Kote) coatings may require longer cure times, perhaps 24 hours or more. See specific coating TDS.


Upon surface preparation, some areas may require patching prior to application of MicroTek One Coat. Flash Patch™ or Deep Patch™ are an excellent choice as a patching product to restore concrete to a sound state. Refer to Flash Patch or Deep Patch TDS.
Crack Treatment / Construction Joints Cracks may require treatment: Refer to SCT-22 Crack & Spall Treatment and SCT-EP Epoxy Crack Treatment TDS to evaluate crack as static or structural to set expectation of treatment. Never bridge MicroTek One Coat across any joint in concrete. Construction joints in concrete have sufficient movement to “telegraph” through MicroTek One Coat applications. Large expansive slabs should
have planned appropriate flexible caulks to allow for this movement.

PACKAGING: 40 lb. Bag (18.1 kg)
MIX RATIO: 5 to 6 quarts (4.7 - 5.7 liters) water to one 40-pound (18.1 kg) bag of
MicroTek One Coat
Optional: 0.5 pound (227 g) Color Pack - 30 standard colors (see SC Color TDS)

Depends upon application and substrate:
One 40-pound (18.1 kg) bag of MicroTek One Coat = 200 to 300 ft² *NOTE: Finish coat coverage range varies on desired texture being created

Under normal conditions: when kept dry and moisture free, out of direct sunlight, the shelf life of an unopened container is twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. Storage must be under roof and off the floor. Avoid temperature extremes. Rotate inventory to maintain product that is within limits.

Depending upon the application selected, secondary coloring will provide aesthetic appeal to a project. 

Note: Before secondary coloring, the finish coat must dry sufficiently to bear the foot traffic of the applicator (if on floor), usually overnight, depending upon weather. Scrape the surface of finish coat with a floor scraper and remove any loose material.

Sealing is required to complete a MicroTek One Coat project. Excellent sealer choices for economical floor projects include. 
• HS 300LV - 30% solids, 400 g/L solvent
• Super WB – 30% solids water based
Refer to the appropriate TDS for details.

Other sealer choices for floors with enhanced durability properties include:
• DK 400WB (Water Based Polyurethane) – gloss finish
• DK 400WB (Water Based Polyurethane) – satin finish
• DK 120 (Solvent Based Polyaspartic) – quick dry
• DK 180 (Solvent Based Polyaspartic) – moderate build
• XS-327 (Water Based Hybrid Polyurethane)
Refer to the appropriate TDS for details.

For sealing walls, products to consider:
• Super WB
Refer to the appropriate TDS for details.

Note: If secondary coloring is not utilized before sealing, scrape the surface of finish coat with a scraper and remove any loose material.

Two recognized US agencies have issued directives on minimum coefficient of friction, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Department of Justice through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA is the more stringent of the two. The ADA directs that accessible walkways have a minimum coefficient
of friction of 0.6. Ramps have been directed to be 0.8. The applicator assumes the responsibility to meet these standards. Exterior surfaces or surfaces that may become wet, oily, or greasy require special attention. Refer to SureGrip (Additive) TDS and its accompanying coefficient of friction table.

1. Add approximately 5 quarts (4.7 liter) water to an empty 5 gallon (18.9 liter) bucket.
2. Add 1 color pack of SC Color if desired. Caution: Color Packs may streak, as color particulate is larger than aggregate of mix. See SC Color TDS.
3. Mix with a handheld concrete mixer, such as an Eiben-stock model #EHR 20R or a half-inch (12.7 mm) 450 – 600 rpm drill equipped with a cage mixing blade. SC Color requires comprehensive mixing in water prior to introduction of MicroTek One Coat.
4. With mixer running, slowly introduce MicroTek One Coat into the pail.
5. Scrape the side of the pail with a margin trowel to ensure all dry product is incorporated into the wet mix.
6. Continue to mix for a minimum of one minute after all ingredients are combined to achieve a lump-free consistency.
7. Additional water may be added, up to six quarts (5.7 liters) total, per 40-pound (18.1 kg) bag.

MicroTek One Coat may be applied as a single coat system. 

Floor - 1. The surface should be saturated, surface dry (SSD or damp, no puddles).
2. Pour a generous ribbon of MicroTek One Coat and tightly trowel or squeegee product over entire area.

Wall - Utilize a hawk and trowel and tightly coat surface with trowel.
1. Stencils and tape patterns may be placed after scraping and sweeping of first coat, prior to application of finish coat.
2. Stencils and tape patterns may be removed as soon as product dries sufficiently to bear the foot traffic of the applicator, prior to sealing.


1. Depending upon substrate condition and desired level of flatness or smoothness, a second or finish coat may be required.
2. The first coat must set sufficiently to bear the foot traffic of the applicator, usually overnight (depending upon weather).
3. The first coat may be scraped or sanded smooth and the surface swept or vacuumed.
4. The finish coat applies as the first coat described above. 

Alterations of trowel techniques will yield numerous pleasing finish coats.

1. Depending upon substrate condition and desired level of flatness or smoothness, a second or finish coat may be required.
2. The first coat must set sufficiently to support finish coat, approximately 2 to 6 hours.
3. The finish coat applies as the first coat described above. 

Alterations of trowel techniques will yield numerous pleasing finish coats.

Due to condition specific sites, always prepare an adequate number of test areas. Wear protection system. Include aesthetic suitable for products’ intended use. Onsite sample approval is especially critical in a substantial, heavy traffic situation or for custom coloration.

Before MicroTek One Coat dries, clean spills and tools with water.

Contact your local government household hazardous waste coordinator for information on disposal of unused product.

For use by trained professionals who have read the complete SDS. A completed MicroTek One Coat project requires a sealer. The sealer selected may have limitations that affect the finished system. Refer to the appropriate sealer TDS for details.

Warranty of this product, when used according to the directions, is limited to refund of purchase price, or replacement of product (if defective), at manufacturer’s or seller’s option. SureCrete LLC shall not be liable for cost of labor or direct and/or incidental consequential damages.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Inhalation: Avoid prolonged breathing of airborne dust, particularly present during mixing. Use a NIOSH approved respirator for nuisance if threshold limit values are unsafe. Skin Contact: Skin contact may cause irritation. Remove
contaminated clothing and wash affected skin with soap and water. Launder clothing before reuse. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention. Eyes: Wear safety eye protection when applying. Contact with eyes may cause irritation. Flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention.

28 days 4278 PSI (29495 kPa)
28 days 995 PSI (6860 kPa)
28 days 440 PSI (3033 kPa)
28 days <.50%
28 days 280 PSI (1930 kPa)


Microtek one Coat TDS

Microtek one Coat SDS