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Collection: Countertops

Concrete countertop mixtures are white. This lets you make bright, colourful items. Adding a colour pack lets you colour the item completely. Integral colouring creates a more consistent colour.

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Precast countertops and panels

Concrete countertops are unique, versatile, and durable. You will be able to enjoy your space for years to come!

At Hard Rock Concrete Supplies, we have the products and knowledge necessary to help you make your dream space a reality! Concrete countertops can be designed and created with you specifically in mind. If you can imagine it, we can help you create it!

The concrete countertop mixes are white in colour. This is so that you can produce nice, brightly coloured pieces. By adding a colour pack, you can integrally colour the piece. Integrally colouring a piece will produce a more uniform colour throughout the piece.

Concrete countertops may also be stained. Staining a piece will produce more highs and lows in the colouring. You can augment this natural highs and lows colouring system by adding water to dilute the stain and applying it in layers to create highs and lows where you want them. Layer different dilution ratios or different colours until you achieve the look you want. Integral colouring and staining are also possible.

Countertops, vanities, tables, shower panels, and backsplashes can all be poured and then placed. These pieces can be coloured in a number of different ways. Each way can produce a unique piece that will be one of a kind!

Our Extreme Precast Mixes can be used to make pieces from 1/2” thick to 2 inches thick. You can drop edges to make the pieces look thicker than they really are without losing any strength. This will make your pieces lighter, but still strong enough to take what life will throw at them.

Shower panels, fireplace surrounds, and backsplashes can be poured at as little as ½” in thickness.

Countertops, tabletops, and furniture pieces can be poured at as little as ¾”.

This mix will take on the texture of whatever you pour on it. Melamine, Plexiglas, casting mats—the possibilities are endless.

Pour-in-place pieces can have other materials embedded in them. All you have to do is place these pieces in the mould before you pour. Glass, rocks or stones, ammonites, crystals, glow stones—the list goes on and on.

Pour-In-Place Countertop

Countertops can also be poured-in-Place. These countertops, vanity tops, and tables should be poured at 2” to 4” thick.

Dropped edges are also doable in these pieces.

Your finishing abilities will come into play here. Pieces may be polished to create a smooth, finished piece.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get decorative concrete countertops outdoors?

Yes, you certainly can do countertops outdoors or indoors. The same products are used both outdoors and indoors. The same techniques for pouring the concrete are used for both as well.

Can I integrally colour my concrete and stain it as well?

Yes, you can both integrally colour and stain your concrete. The stain we carry is called Eco-Stain, and it is a penetrating stain. What that means is that the stain will work with the colour of the concrete. If you integrally colour the concrete, then stain on top, you may achieve a different colour than you would if you had not integrally coloured your concrete.

What do I need to know about sealing my pieces?

The sealer that you use will depend on what you want the piece to look like, as well as where the piece is and what it will be used for.

We have sealers that are meant for countertops or tabletops, shower stalls, and walls in the bathroom. These sealers are food-safe. These sealers come in a variety of sheens, from matte to gloss. Some of these sealers are water-based, and some are solvent-based.

Hard Rock also carries sealers that are specifically designed to cover stamped concrete or exposed aggregate. These sealers are solvent-based acrylics. These sealers can be completely penetrating, partially penetrating, or completely topical. These sealers also come in different sheens, from semi-gloss to high gloss.

What type of sink can I use with my concrete countertops?

You can use either a top-mount or under-mount sink with concrete countertops. Generally, it helps to know what type of sink you are going to use before you pour the countertop. The sink that you choose may alter the way you construct the form for the countertop.

Is decorative concrete suitable for a bathroom?

Yes, you can definitely use decorative concrete in a bathroom. Countertops, shower surrounds, walls, and floors can all be made from concrete. Sealers need to be used in high-water areas.

Are there food-safe sealers available?

Yes. At Hard Rock Concrete Supplies, we carry three different sealers that are rated food-safe. These sealers are the Cheng Countertop Sealer, SureCrete’s XS-327, and SureCrete’s XS-PC12. All three of these concrete countertop sealers are suitable for countertops and vanity tops.

Cheng Countertop Sealer is a water-based phenolic acrylic sealer. It only comes in one gloss and is easy to apply. This is a 500-ml container and will cover approximately 30 square feet of countertop.

Hard Rock Concrete Supplies also carries the XS-327 polyurethane sealer. It is a two-part sealer that equals 1 quart in total and will cover approximately 100 square feet of countertop with all three coats. XS-327 is a water-based, penetrating, two-part polyurethane sealer that requires three coats to be applied. This sealer comes in two sheens: matte and semi-gloss.

As with other sealers, the sheen not only changes the look of the concrete because of how shiny it is, but the amount of sheen is also related to the colour enhancement of the concrete. XS-327 is considered a non-colour-enhancing sealer. However, having said that, the semi-gloss sealer will darken the colour of the concrete slightly more than the matte finish XS-327.

Mix parts A and B together before adding water. This makes the sealer a little more complex to apply, but still manageable for the average homeowner. This sealer has a heat resistance of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for fire tables and fireplace surrounds as well.

The XS-PC12 is also a food-safe, two-part sealer. It is available in quart sizes as well. This sealer comes in a gloss finish only. This is a solvent-based sealer and is considered to be a colour-enhancing sealer.

Mix parts A and B in the appropriate measurements and apply. This sealer has a heat resistance of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for fire tables and fireplace surrounds as well.

What sealer should I use for a shower, bath setting, or water feature?

SureCrete’s XS-327 and SureCrete’s XS-PC12 would be suitable for use in a bathroom or shower stall, waterfalls or water features, sinks, and the like.


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