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Collection: Brooms, Concrete Brooms, Microfibre Mops

Find a wide selection of durable brooms and mops in Calgary at Hard Rock Concrete Supplies. Shop with us for the best concrete brooms and microfibre mops near you.

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Durable Brooms and Mops for Effortless Concrete Finishing and Cleaning in Calgary

Looking for reliable and durable Concrete Brooms and Microfibre Mops?

Hard Rock Concrete Supplies brings you a comprehensive range of high-quality brooms and mops near youin Calgary. Our product line is aimed at professional concrete finishing and cleaning, keeping spaces clean with equal simplicity.

Our Broom and Mop Collection:

Marshalltown Concrete Brooms Calgary: Choose from our following broom selection, which is ideal for thorough cleaning on concrete surfaces.

Felton and Garant Brooms: Discover durable options like the Broom 102-12, 24" Rough Surface Push Broom, and 24" Multi Surface Push Broom for heavy-duty tasks.

Maximmart Textiles Microfibre Mops Calgary: Efficient and effective, our microfibre mop set and 24” microfibre mop pads are essential for spreading release agents on forms, spreading waxes on floors and cleaning to achieve spotless floors.

Why Choose Hard Rock Brooms and Mops?

Quality and Durability: Built for performance, our brooms and mops last through heavy-duty use in any environment.

Versatility: Our range sweeps concrete debris with our concrete brooms and even mops spilled liquids.

Ease of Use: In our designs, user comfort is crucial, thus cleaning with our brooms and mops becomes very easy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Are your brooms suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Absolutely! Garant Push Brooms have excellent versatility, performing well on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Get yours today!

These Marshalltown finishing brooms will leave a perfect broomed finish on your indoor or outdoor concrete.

2. How do the Maximmart Textiles microfibre mops enhance cleaning efficiency?

Our microfibre mops are engineered for high-performance for any job! Whether you are using these microfibre mops to help evenly spread release agents on your forms, waxing floors or cleaning, these mops are a must have! Our high performance microfibre mops are engineered for dirt pickup and ease of maneuverability, offering a complete clean with minimal effort involved. These mops are made from high-quality microfibre which is great for absorbing dust and spills, thus making them excellent for different floor finishes.

3. What is the best way to maintain and clean brooms and mops?

To maintain the life of cleaning tools, ensure that you periodically shake brooms to remove particles and wash mop heads after every use. Store brooms hanging or have their bristles up to prevent bending, and let mops dry totally before storing so as not to mildew.

4. Are your microfibre mops suitable for all floor types?

Yes, our microfibre mops are practical and suitable for all types of floors. Their microfibre is extremely good quality, so it can remove dust and dirt even on hardwoods or tiles. It leaves your surface perfectly clean in all cases.

With Hard Rock Concrete Supplies’ top-quality brooms and mops in Calgary, you can redefine your cleaning ritual. Contact ustoday orvisitour collection at Hard Rock Concrete Supplies for Calgary’s top cleaning equipment, and enjoy both reliability and comfort.