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Collection: Shovels – Snow Shovels, Floor Scrapers, Ice Scrapers

Find the best Shovels in Calgary and Scrapers from Hard Rock Concrete Supplies. Shop now for the top-quality snow shovels, ice scrapers, floor scrapers near you.

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Sturdy and Efficient Shovels and Scrapers in Calgary

Discover Reliable and Durable Shovels and Scrapers in Calgary at Hard Rock Concrete Supplies.

We are bringing you the ultimate source for high-quality shovels and a comprehensive range of scrapers near you in Calgary. Catering to harsh winter conditions and personal renovation needs, our collection will surely offer unmatched efficiency and durability.

Key Benefits:

  • Shoveling Made Easy: In Calgary, GARANT shovels such as the Pro Series Square Point Long Handle and Cougar Square Point Long Handle help us to make snow or digging a simple process. With the use of these tools, tasks such as removing snow or working to prepare grounds are easier and less demanding.
  • Effective Snow Management: Snow clearing with our snow pusher shovel in Calgary is particularly designed considering the difficulty that Calgary winter poses, ensuring quick and effective snow removal from your driveways and sidewalks. 
  • High-Quality Floor Scraping: Our floor scrapers are not only perfect for removing old flooring or residues but they also give the best results to have clean and smooth surfaces. Ideal for both residential and commercial settings in Calgary, our floor scrapers are the go-to tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.
  • Durable Ice Removal: Defeat the iciness of Battle Calgary with our powerful ice scrapers that combine safety and efficiency in removing ice. These ice scrapers, designed to endure Calgary's harshest winters, are essential tools for maintaining safe and clear pathways.

Why Choose Hard Rock Shovels and Scrapers?

At Hard Rock Concrete Supplies we are dedicated to offering good quality and reliable tools. Our shovels and scrapers come from prominent manufacturers making them reliable enough to meet the challenging needs of both professional as well as personal use in Calgary.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What types of tasks are your shovels in Calgary best suited for?

In snow removal and digging jobs in Calgary, GARANT shovels perform outstandingly. The Pro Series and Cougar models are perfect for snow removal, while Econo and Pro Series round-point shovels were designed with landscaping in their small details. They facilitate efficiency and user-friendliness that is observed through different applications.

2. Can your snow shovels handle heavy Calgary snowfalls?

Absolutely! Our snow shovels are crafted to withstand extreme conditions, and designed to efficiently move large volumes of snow, making them perfect for Calgary's winter conditions.

3. Do your floor scrapers work in both residential and commercial aspects?

Yes, our floor scrapers are made for versatility so they can serve both home renovations as well as larger commercial projects.

4. Can your ice scrapers handle thick ice layers?

Absolutely!Our ice scrapers break through and clear thick icicles to provide safety and accessibility to outdoor spaces.Any amount of ice is no match for our scrapers!

Experience the difference in precision, quality, and durability with our specialized tools. Contact us today or visit our collection at Hard Rock Concrete Supplies to find the perfect shovels and scrapers for your needs.