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Bio-Nox Water Based Biodegradable Form Release Agent

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Nox-CreteBio-Nox is a water-based, 100% biodegradable form release agent that chemically reacts with concrete to create a soap-like, bond-preventing film that provides a high-grade architectural finish, while remaining gentle on forms. Bio-Nox can be used on most smooth, clean form surfaces such as steel, HDO, MDO, plastic, fiberglass, bare plywood and plywood faced handset forms. It is also suitable for use on many rubber and closed cell foam forms as well as form liners that can't tolerate conventional solvent, or petroleum based release agents.

Bio-Nox is ideal for use where environmental and occupational issues are of the utmost importance. In particular, precast operations of enclosed building sites. The agent reduces the risk of skin or odor irritations that can occur with petroleum-based agents. Always protect Bio-Nox from freezing. It will have no staining and minimal surface voids with a crisp, positive release. Bio-Nox will reduce form cleaning and maintenance costs as forms become self-cleaning eventually with repeated use. Bio-Nox contains corrosion inhibitor designed to prevent flash rusting. It is less sensitive to application rate variations compared to other form release agents and will leave a residue-free surface that can bond to paints and other surface coatings. It has a fast-drying formulation that will allow early bed traffic and stringing of reinforcing strands.


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