Concrete Granastar Pigment

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Highly concentrated, requiring less pigment to create vibrant colors. Permanent, sunfast, and weather-resistant. Packaged in pre-measured bags that disintegrate in the concrete mix for clean, easy use. Pigments can be added to any concrete mix. 

Pigment bags made right here in-store. The Granastar Color Dispenser helps brick, block and dry mortar plants to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Using only 4 basic colors, Granastar allows access to thousands of colors at the push of a button. No mess, no waste. Granastar is the cleanest, greenest, easiest solution on the market.

Once pigment has been bagged for you, there are no returns on this product.

One bag corresponds to one pre-measured unit of color for one cubic yard (US) or one cubic metre of concrete. Bags measure between 6 - 8 kg per bag. Interstar pigment is packaged in special disintegrating bags that are added directly to the ready mix truck for a clean, easy job. Decreased handling means increased workplace safety and greater efficiency. (Note: Occasionally, bags may not completely disintegrate due to worn fins, improper mixing, etc. Please instruct your finishing crews to watch for paper when the concrete is in the discharge chute. If paper is found, additional mixing may be required. If desired, the pigment bag may be cut open, and the pigment added directly into the concrete mix.)


Granastar Colour Chart

Best Practices for Coloured Concrete 

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