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Deactivator PB Drum

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Deactivator chemically reacts with the alkalies in concrete to instantly prevent fresh concrete from bonding and to gradually soften existing concrete buildup. Applied daily before use, Deactivator prevents adhesion and accumulation of concrete buildup on treated surfaces.


  • Use in all block, pipe, ready-mix and cement plants for treating mixers, cement hoppers, conveyors, elevators, chutes, pallets, pipe rings and hoist buckets.
  • Use on bridge and street paving machines, laser screeds, vibratory roller screeds, truss screeds, median barrier and curb slipform machines, strike-off augers, hoppers and slipforms.
  • Use on shoring, scaffolding and forming equipment and hardware, including post shores, scaffold frames and planks, aluminum deck beams and joists, column clamps, waler rods and shebolts.


  • Chemically softens concrete buildup and prevents adhesion and buildup on treated surfaces.
  • Makes chipping hammers and chisels obsolete.
  • Will not harm rubber hoses or damage painted metal surfaces.
  • Concentrated petroleum based formulation can be either diluted or used full strength.
  • Deactivator is petroleum based. Deactivator E is water based. Deactivator E is also available in a concentrated version which is shipped in short-filled containers.
  • Will not wash off in rain.
  • Deactivator E is Green Engineered™ – better for health and the environment.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Guaranteed! Money back guarantee if not fully satisfied with the results.
  • Deactivator E complies with the more restrictive air quality, lower VOC requirements of some states.
  • Meets all federal VOC requirements.


  • Do not use as a concrete form release agent.
  • Deactivator E is not intended for application under freezing conditions. (Freezing temperatures have no effect on petroleum based Deactivator.)
  • Protect Deactivator E from freezing. If allowed to freeze, product packaging may rupture and the emulsion stability of this product may be affected, making it difficult to keep product mixed during application. Product which is suspected of freezing should not be used.
  • Verify that product is within the “USE BY” date stated on product packaging. Do not use expired product.The use of expired product may result in poor productperformance or failure.


  • Request current product literature, labels and material safety data sheets from manufacturer and read thoroughly before product use.
  • Site environmental conditions, substrate conditions and construction have a major effect on product selection, application methods, procedures and rates, appearance and performance. Product literature provides general information applicable to some conditions. However, an adequate site test application by the purchaser or installer in advance of field scale use is mandatory (irrespective of any other verbal or written representations) to verify that product and quantities purchased can be satisfactorily applied and will achieve desired appearance and performance under intended use conditions.
  • Remove as much of the loose concrete buildup as possible from the surfaces to be coated using a high pressure power washer.
  • The surfaces to be coated with Deactivator (petroleum based) should be reasonably dry prior to application. Deactivator E (water based) can be applied directly on wet surfaces.
  • Deactivator E in the concentrated version is shipped in a short-filled container and requires dilution by filling the container to capacity with water and mixing well. Deactivator E should be mixed well before each use. The use of Nox-Crete’s specially designed drum agitator for mixing 55-gallon drums and tote agitator for mixing 275-gallon totes is recommended.
  • To soften existing buildup, best results are obtained when product is applied (following high pressure power washing) to fresh buildup immediately following use of equipment and then reapplied immediately prior to reuse.
  • To prevent the adhesion of new concrete buildup, apply as a maintenance coating prior to use. Concrete splatter will harden, but will not bond to coated surfaces.
  • Product is most easily applied using Nox-Crete’s low pressure, hand pump Perfect Form & Concrete Sprayer or Ideal Form & Concrete Sprayer. Apply a uniform coat to all surfaces expected to receive concrete buildup. Areas with existing heavy buildup will generally require multiple coats in order to fully soften buildup.


Bulk Density 7.5 lbs/gal. (.90 kg/L) 8.1 lbs/gal (.97 kg/L)
Color Amber Milky White
Odor Pleasant Pleasant
Flash Point 117° F (47° C) >200° F (>93° C)
Freeze Point -50° F (>-40° C) 32° F (0° C)
VOC <400 g/L <90 g/L
VP <.5 mmHg <13.0 mmHg


Packaged in 5 gal (19 L) pails,
55 gal (208 L) drums and
275 gal (1,041 L) totes.

Shelf life is two years. Use before the “USE BY” date stated on product packaging.

Store in a dry location within a temperature range between 40° F (4° C) and 100° F (38° C).


Deactivator TDS

Deactivator SDS

Deactivator Brochure

Precast Market Brochure