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Eco-Accent 3lb.

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Powder Stamped Concrete Accent Color Water-Based Stain Eco-Accent™

Eco-Accent is a concrete accent color stain product used for accenting new or faded concrete that can be sprayed on or broomed into the surface. SureCrete’s secondary concrete accent colorant is UV Stable and has 0 VOC’s.

SureCrete's Eco-Accent is a water-based stamped concrete accent color stain, non-hazardous, zero VOC, UV stable concrete coloring agent that bonds to any textured concrete or cement-based surface including overlays. A single color, boring, lifeless, concrete can be transformed into a multi-colored, antiqued, variegated, surface. Restoration of old, dull, weathered stamped concrete or textured overlays may also be accomplished through application of Eco-Accent.

Eco-Accent is available in 10 colors, and while this product was primarily designed to be used to restore and renew old decorative concrete surfaces and projects, it can certainly be used in conjunction with brand new stamped concrete or texture overlay mixes to bring added depth of color over a large area. This user-friendly coloring is easily manipulated by the applicator and if correction requires, it can be completely removed prior to sealing the finished job.

Concrete Accent Color EcoAccent Typical applications:

  • Stamped Concrete Driveways
  • Outdoor Patios
  • Fresh Poured Textured Floors
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Commercial Pool Decks
  • Theme Park Custom Stamping


Eco-Accent TDS

Eco-Accent SDS