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FabriGlaze Solvent Based 25% Gloss Acrylic Sealer 5 Gallon

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FABRIGLAZE® NSH is a clear, high gloss, acrylic sealer designed for use on concrete
where a "wet look" is intended. It is formulated with special resins which cause the
coating to be UV resistant.

FABRIGLAZE® is ideally suited for use on stamped,
exposed aggregate, bush-hammered, and seeded aggregate slabs and panels. The
product is VOC Compliant (<400 grams per litre).

Thoroughly test surfaces to be treated to ensure compatibility. Apply material as
supplied. Preferred method of application is by low pressure spray, however brush or
roller are suitable where necessary.

Apply FABRIGLAZE® in a uniform manner. It is
recommended that FABRIGLAZE® be applied in two lighter coats rather than one
heavy coat. This ensures more uniform coverage. Allow one to two hours between
coats to ensure that material has properly dried (these times may vary depending on
ambient and substrate conditions).

FABRIGLAZE® should not be applied to surfaces which have been wet or rained on
during any of the four preceding days or if rain is expected within four hours
following application.

It is imperative that surfaces to be treated are thoroughly dry
and that they will not be subject to moisture ingress from below. FABRIGLAZE® is
not intended for use on heavy-duty floors. Consult the manufacturer for suitable
product selection.

The surface and ambient temperatures should be a minimum of 40°F (4°C) and
expected to remain so for at least twelve (12) hours following installation. Do not
apply FABRIGLAZE® if temperatures are above 80°F (27°C). Do not allow
FABRIGLAZE® to reach surfaces which can be damaged by petroleum solvents.
Protect all surrounding surfaces such as aluminum, glass, and porcelain or clean off
within ten (10) minutes of application.

Coverage will vary from 85 - 300 square feet per gallon depending on surface
porosity. Typical coverage on smooth concrete: 200- 250 square feet per gallon.
Coverages for first coats are lower than second coats.
- VOC Compliant
- Enhances Colour
- Enhances Gloss
- Clear and Non-Yellowing

FABRIGLAZE® NSH is formulated using highly flammable solvents and should be handled accordingly. Keep away from spark, flame, or any source of ignition. Do not store containers in direct sunlight for prolonged periods as this can lead to pressurization of the containers.

The solvents used in this product are released to
the atmosphere during the drying process and can accumulate in enclosed areas creating an ignition hazard. Adequate ventilation should be considered prior to applying FABRIGLAZE® NSH in enclosed areas. Goggles are advised to avoid eye irritation.



Fabriglaze 25% Sealer TDS
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