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Fluorescent Orange Braided Nylon Mason's Line - 500' on EZ-Winder BC346W

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Fluorescent Orange Braided Nylon Mason's Line - 500' on EZ-Winder

This winder of 500' of the fluorescent orange line is great as mason's line for a strong, tight line, or any odd jobs where a superior line is needed. The special braiding process creates extra elasticity which helps eliminate any sagging in this line making it perfect for laying out even rows of block and brick. This long-wearing, tough, #18 solid bright orange line is easy to see on the job site. The nylon line won't mildew, nor be affected by oil or mortar. The nylon material won't absorb water or see the effects of moisture and humidity like other lines. The tight braid can be pulled taut along block and line holders for a straight accurate line. The line is abrasion and alkali resistant and stands up to the abuse of a job site from trowels striking it. The line is tested to 170 lbs. for superior hold. The free-spinning plastic winder holds the line in line in place keeping it handy and untangled. The large winder includes 500' of line so there is less stopping during jobs to get more line. The plastic winder lets the user unwind and wind the line for repeated use making it popular for use in surveying and landscaping. The bright yellow EZ-Winder is easy to spot on the jobsite. The top of the winder has a hang hole for easy storage when not in use.

  • Strong #18 nylon line
  • Special braiding process aids elasticity and eliminates sagging
  • Abrasion and alkali resistant, such as oil or mortar
  • Won't absorb water or be affected by humidity, won't mildew
  • Pull tight for a straight accurate line
  • 170 lb. test for strength
  • 500 Ft. of line
  • Fluorescent orange line is easy to see on the jobsite
  • EZ-Winder for fast, easy winding and unwinding
  • Bright yellow winder is easy to spot on jobsite
  • Notch at top of winder secures the line
  • Hang hole for easy storage
Products specifications
Name Value
Length 500 Ft.
Capacity 170# test
Material Nylon
Color Fluorescent Orange
Finish Braided
Package Contents Line on Winder
Handle EZ-Winder
Handle Material Plastic
Handle Length 4 In. (101.6mm)