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Microfibre Mop Set

SKU: 100124
Regular price $66.49

This Microfiber Mop set comes with two of our 24" professional grade microfiber looped Flat Mop Head which is 24” x 5” (inches) and is made of 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide, one  24” Aluminum Frame, w/ Industrial Hook & Loop Fastener and one 36”-68” Telescoping Aluminum Handle. 

Collect dust and dirt easily with this microfiber flat mop pad. It removes debris better than convention mop cleaning methods. This mop pad can also be laundered hundreds of times. Use the flat mop on any hard surface floors free of streaks. Thanks to its flat shape, this mop dries very quickly for better absorbency performance. These flat mop pads are the ideal choice for waxing floors. Its rectangular shape allows it to work right up against baseboards. Provides optimal wet mopping performance suitable for most cleaning situations. Quickly cover a large are with the 24" mopping path.

Also use this mop with our wide variety of Precast Form Releases for the perfect release everytime.