Tree Island 2 3/4" Brt Duplex *****

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The Tree Island Bright Duplex Nails are built for temporary construction applications such as concrete formwork, scaffolding, bracing and temporary stringing of wire.



  • ASTM F1667
  • ISO 9001


  • 7 to 2 gauged wire >80,000 PSI
  • 9-1/2 to 7 gauged wire >90,000 PSI
  • < 9-1/2 gauged wire >100,000 PSI


  • Bright Finish: Nails that are natural (bare) steel and do not have a protective coating.
  • Two Heads - usually used for forming and temporary builds.
  • Makes them easier to Pull out.
  • Penny Weight: Was a system for pricing 100 nails in 15th century England. The larger the nail the heavier it was causing it to cost more. Penny weight then incorrectly became used to describe the length of the nail rather than the weight. The Latin word "Denarius" roughly translated to the word penny so "d" became the way to indicate penny weight. Each increase in penny weight (1d, 2d, 3d etc) is assumed to be an increase in size. It is best to measure a nail by its actual length and diameter.
Product Specifications
Vendor Part #: 234bdh
Collation: Individual
Finish: Bright
Head Type: Flat
Material: Steel
Point Type: Diamond
Shank Type: Smooth
Style: Duplex