Quick Release

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Quick Release is a general purpose, economical form release agent. The ingredients in Quick Release are physically active to repel water as well as concrete. Additionally, chemically active compounds react with lime present in fresh concrete to create a releasing compound directly on the form surface.

This product is usable on most form surfaces, except foam and soft rubber forms.  Quick Release provides a crisp, positive release which reduces form cleaning as well as maintenance costs as forms become self-cleaning with continued use.

It will resist removal by foot traffic and rain and is usable on forms previously treated with competitive form oils. It surpasses performance requirement of US Corps of Engineers, GSA and Bureau of Reclamation specifications for nonstaining form oil.

Quick Release is ready to use - that is to say requires no dilution, is low odor and storable at temperatures below freezing. It will have good sprayability with traditional hand pump tank sprayers down to 32° F (O° C), but may require higher pressure sprayers at temperatures below 32° F (O° C). This product can be applied up to three weeks in advance of concrete pour. Treated forms are promptly stackable.

Quick Release will protect metal and wood forms from weather damage prior to pour and will not stain concrete surfaces and concrete is paintable with proper surface preparation.


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