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Perfect Form & Concrete Sprayer (PFCS-PRE)

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The Perfect Form & Concrete Sprayer is perfectly designed for the application of Nox-Crete concrete form release agents, bondbreakers, curing compounds, floor sealers and other construction chemicals.

The success of your project can often depend on applying these products correctly. Uniformly applying product is easy with the Perfect Sprayer. The sprayer has a 3.4 gal (12.9 L) capacity and two in-line filters that make cleaning easy and eliminate spray tip clogging.

Use either the air fill inlet (standard on the Perfect Precast) or the hand pump to pressurize The Perfect Sprayer up to 116 psi. This sprayer comes with relief valve, pressure gauge, relief valve, pressure gauge, a 40 PSI CF Valve, 2 tips (8001 & 8001-LP) and a backpack-style carrying strap makes for easy transportation.

Perfect Precast Sprayer (Commercial-grade sprayer specifically designed for light, consistent application of concrete form release agents for the precast industry).


Perfect Form & Concrete Sprayer - Precast 

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