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Power Trowel Blades - Finish Blades

SKU: 20660
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After the floating, you may now proceed using the power trowel using blades. These blades can be of two type: the combination blade and the finishing blade.

The combination blades are a hybrid from floating and finishing blade. The size of the combination blade is wider than the floating blade but are smaller than the finishing blade. Since this blade is a combination of both, it is designed to do both but are not as best as with the blades that are intended for the finishing job.

The combination blade can be use during fresh concrete for floating and finishing at the same time. These blades are to increase the productivity in a short time while getting your desired finish.

The finishing blades are for the purpose of finishing the concrete slab finish. Since the purpose of the these blades are for the finishing, the surface area targeted are more concentrated and in a higher speed. The finishing blades are for sealing off of the concrete finish ready for its final curing.

These blades, the combination and finishing blades, can be made from stainless steel and plastic.

These blades come in different sizes to fit onto your power trowel machine.