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Uni Screed MUSH35

SKU: 720035
Regular price $1,929.00

You won't regret trading in your 2x4 for the real deal. This tool is affordable, and easy to transport, assemble, & operate. We designed this unit to enable a single operator to quickly and easily level a large area. Guaranteed to bring your concrete placement to the next level! Multiple blade lengths available from 4' – 16' sold separately.

The handle is adjustable for operator comfort and safety and has an impact-absorbing mounting system which reduces handle vibration.  It has a responsive aandle-mounted throttle and on/off switch. 

The high-frequency vibration disperses and levels concrete while the gap between blade and foot prevents build-up of material which can dampen vibrations. This screed is lightweight and easy to transport and has a superior blade design which permits cutting and smoothing in a single operation. These blades are compatible with other leading wet screed units.

Technical Specifications

Engine GX35
Weight (dry) 27.9 lbs (12.7kg) plus blade
Weight (operating) 29.6 lbs (13.5kg) plus blade
Blade Weight 4' (1.2m) 6.4 lbs (2.9kg)
6' (1.8m) 9.6 lbs (4.4kg)
8' (2.4m) 12.8 lbs (5.8kg)
10' (3m) 16 lbs (7.3kg)
12' (3.7m) 19.2 lbs (8.7kg)
14' (4.5m) 22.4 lbs (10.2kg)
16' (4.9m) 25.6 lbs (11.6kg)
Fuel Capacity 0.17 Gal (0.65L)
Sound Rating 50 Dba



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