Precast Release #80-450PB

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Precast Release #80 is a petroleum-based, chemically reactive (80%) and physical barrier (20%) type form release agent that maximizes the performance of precast forms. When applied properly, Precast Release #80 produces an architectural finish free of staining, bugholes and other defects. 

It is fast drying and provides a crisp, positive release and Minimizes form cleaning and maintenance costs and forms eventually become self-cleaning with repeated use. This product also contains a rust inhibitor. It will spray easily at all temperatures with a low viscosity which will allow application at very high coverage rates which consequently reduces costs.

Works hard on SCC (Self-Consolidating Concrete) as well as aggressive mix designs containing high amounts of cement, fly ash, silica fume or high-range water reducers. Furthermore, Precast Release #80 is ideal for use on steel, plastic, fiberglass forms and HDO, PSF and CBF overlaid plywood in precast applications. 

This mixture is less than 450g/l VOC's and can be used in steam-cured precast concrete applications where, in fact, exceptional results are achieved.


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