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Precast Release #80-450PB

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Precast Release #80 is both a chemically active and a physical barrier type form release agent. It chemically reacts with alkalies in concrete to form a slippery soap fi lm that combined with a physical barrier prevents the accumulation of concrete buildup on form surfaces providing a crisp, positive release in most precast applications, including steam-cured concrete with early strip schedules.


  • Use on steel, plastic, fi berglass and HDO, PSF and CBF overlaid plywood forms in precast applications.
  • Provides exceptional results in steam-cured precast concrete applications.
  • Ideal for use with problematic precast concrete mix designs incorporating high amounts of cement, fly ash, silica fume or high-range water reducers.


  • Greatly minimizes concrete surface voids (bugholes).
  • Provides a crisp, positive release.
  • Enables user to easily achieve uniformly white
  • architectural surfaces.
  • Fast drying.
  • Minimizes form cleaning and maintenance costs. Forms become self-cleaning with continued use.
  • Low viscosity allows application at very high coverage rates, reducing costs.
  • Non-staining.
  • Contains a fl ash rust inhibitor that minimizes rust formation between pours.
  • Does not impair the natural bonding characteristics of subsequently applied paint or other concrete surface coatings.
  • Sprayable down to 0° F (-18° C) (liquid temperature).
  • Precast Release #80 - 450 is Federal VOC compliant and Precast Release #80 - 250 is Canadian, OTC and LADCO VOC compliant.
  • Available in a USEPA inherently biodegradable version – Precast Release #80 - 450 B.


  • Do not use on aluminum, medium density overlaid plywood (MDO) or absorbent wood form surfaces. Nox-Crete’s Alumi-Nox release agents are recommended for aluminum form surfaces. For MDO or absorbent wood form surfaces, Nox-Crete Form Coating is recommended.
  • Certain solvent-sensitive plastic, synthetic rubber or foam forms or formliners may react adversely to solvents in PR 80. In such instances, Nox-Crete PCE, Bio-Nox or Nox-Crete Form Coating E water-based release agents are recommended.
  • Applications to nonabsorbent plastic or fiberglass forms may be subject to removal by heavy rain. In such instances, the use of PCE is recommended.
  • Verify that product is within the “USE BY” date stated on product packaging. Do not use expired product. The use of expired product may result in poor product performance or failure.


  • Request current product literature, labels and safety data sheets from manufacturer and read thoroughly before product use.
  • Site environmental conditions, substrate conditions and concrete mix design have a major effect on product selection, application methods, procedures and rates, appearance and performance. Product literature provides general information applicable to some conditions. However, an adequate production test application by the purchaser or installer in advance of field scale use is mandatory (irrespective of any other verbal or written representations) to verify that product and quantities purchased can be satisfactorily applied and will achieve desired appearance and performance under intended use conditions.
  • Form surfaces should be reasonably dry and clean prior to application.
  • For architectural or exposed concrete surfaces, remove all concrete buildup, rust, mill scale and existing form oil residue before application.
  • Spray application is recommended using the Nox-Crete Perfect Form & Concrete Sprayer or the Nox-Crete Perfect Power Sprayer. Both are equipped with the proper nozzle size to ensure uniform product distribution.
  • Typical application range on steel, plastic and resin-coated wood forms is 2,500-3,000 sf/gal. (62-75 sm/L).
  • Do not over apply. Excess material, runs and puddles can adversely affect performance and should be picked up promptly with rags.
  • Prevent material overspray from contacting reinforcing steel and/or prestressed cables.
  • Overspray and application equipment can be cleaned with mineral spirits.


  Bulk Density
Flash Point
Color VOC
Precast Release #80 - 250 7.3 (.88 kg/L) > 200°F (93°C) .05 - 1.0 250 g/L
Precast Release #80 - 450 7.3 (.87 kg/L) > 200°F (93°C) .05 - 1.0 450 g/L
Precast Release #80 - 450 B 7.3 (.87 kg/L) > 200°F (93°C) .05 - 1.0 450 g/L

Packaged in 5 gal (19 L) pails,
55 gal (208 L) drums and
275 gal (1,041 L) totes.

Shelf life is two years. Use before the “USE BY” date stated on product packaging.


Precast Release #80-450 TDS

Precast Release #80-450 SDS

Precast Market Brochure