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Vinyl Flakes For Epoxy 25lb

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Decorative Vinyl Flake system are designed to give a unique look to any indoor flooring. The amount of Flake that you need to use depends on the percentage of coverage you would like in the flake.  The easiest coverage to achieve with regards to even coverage would be 100% coverage.  This is because you continue to place the flake untill you do not see any more Epoxy. 

It is always a good idea to mark out the area before starting the process.

Coverage level approximate percentage/ Approximate quantity

 Coverage level lbs. per 100 sq Feet Kg. per 100 sq Feet
Very light 2%
0.3 lb.
0.125 kg
Light 5%
 0.7 lb.
0.3 kg
Medium 12.5%
1.75 lb.
0.8 kg
Intense 25%
3.5 lb.
1.6 kg
Very intense 50%
7 lb. 
3.2 kg
Complete 100%
15 lb.
7 kg


*Remember: you need to apply a minimum of 1 coat of clear epoxy or polyaspartic over the flakes to prevent the flakes from chipping. 

**Be cafeful to follow re-application directions for the epoxy and polyaspartics.

***Times are approximate and will be affected by changing ambient conditions, especially
changes in temperature and relative humidity.*


Flake Colour Chart