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Concrete Foundation Support Brackets - Corner Brackets

SKU: 111001
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Our Engineered Metal Concrete Foundation Support Brackets come in multiple sizes to suit all precast step and deck installation situations. Due to their lightweight fabrication, our brackets are multi-functional and perfectly suited for applications on the front, side or rear of a home. These Foundation Concrete Support bracket sizes range from 3' to 8'. We also carry this bracket in 3.5' (42").

These Foundation Support Brackets Bolt to the foundation using a two 5/8" x 5" Wedge Anchors and are designed to support sidewalks, pads, garages, cantilevers, decks, pillars and other features that may need support.

Each bracket is manufactured in 2" x 2" x 3/16" Angle Iron. 2 holes in two 3/16" x 2.5" flat Iron pieces with a 90° corner are mounted to the tops of these brackets  for a total of 4 holes for mounting on corner brackets. That makes these perfect for mounting on the corners of foundations so the bracket sticks out at a 45° angle at the corner. Two Wedge anchors are still used on these brackets: 1 on the short hole and 1 on the far hole.

These foundation support brackets are manufactured here in Calgary in our WCB certified welding shop as per our engineering specifications and then they are protected with a rust resistant primer.

Length In ( ft ) Height  In Supporting Weight lbs
36"  (3') 15"  4100
42" (3.5') 18" 3600
48" (4') 20"  3000
60" (5') 28" 2300
72" (6') 30" 1600
84" (7') 30" 1100
96" (8') 30" 750

5/8" Drill bit - sold separately

5/8" x 5" Wedge anchor - sold separately

5/8" x 6" wedge anchor - sold separately