SikaFix Kit Injection Crack Repair

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Do you have a foundation crack? Use this kit to fix it quick and easy. This kit includes everything you need to fix the crack properly the first time. The SikaFix® Kit is an injection package for the repair of leaking cracks in foundations and waterproofing of piping penetrations, static joints and other types of voids.

The kit includes hydraulic mortar for crack plugging, injections T’s and a two-part expansive hydrophobic grout polyurethane grout that reacts to the presence of moisture by forming a tough and flexible foam firmly adhering to the crack walls to create a permanent seal.

The SikaFix® Kit permanently stops the flow of unwanted water penetrating into or through: Foundation and basement walls, Cracked or honey combed concrete, Concrete and masonry surfaces, Pipe and utilities penetrations and Wastewater or septic tanks.

This kit is economical and easy to apply and does not require specialized equipment. It is hydrophobic - only a small amount of water is needed for reaction and has a lasting adhesion to wet and dry surfaces.  It has zero shrinkage so it will maintain water tightness as well as staying permanently flexible tough seal. SikaFix is environmentally friendly as the cured product is inert.


SikaFix Kit TDS