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BNCE 20-24V Cutting Edge Saw Cordless

SKU: 623224
Regular price $899.99
This amazing tool can cut a variety of materials including rebar, all-thread rod, coil rod, EMT conduit, pipe, tubing, and more. It is designed to cleanly cut the material flush with the surface. The BNCE-20-24V is a compact and lightweight tool featuring a 3-position removable side handle that provides the operator with multiple cutting positions and increased manoeuverability in tight areas. Cutting Edge Saws are designed with a unique flush-cutting blade guard that greatly reduces blade exposure. The tool is designed to emit minimal cutting sparks and the cut material is burr-free and not hot to the touch.


BNCE 20-24V Product Literature Sheet

BNCE 20-24V Operators Manual

BNCE 20-24V Parts Guide