Self Levelling Mixing Barrel with Cart Combo

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Barrel Cart for Mixing Self-Levelers

MAPEI Self-Leveling Mixing Barrel is perfect for the blending of cement and gypsum self-leveling underlayments, toppings and pourable mortars. The barrel easily holds up to three 50-lb. (22.7-kg) bags of material and works perfectly in conjunction with oval-shaped mixers. Two types of handles (grab handles and recessed handles) make this barrel easy to move. Used along with MAPEI Self-Leveling Mixing Barrel Cart, this barrel eases the mixing and transport process of any material that requires mixing and dispensing on commercial or residential jobsites.

 MAPEI Self-Leveling Mixing Barrel Cart is designed to improve efficiency in barrel-mixing MAPEI self-leveling underlayments, toppings and mortars that require jobsite mixing. The cart’s barrel band attaches snugly to the MAPEI Self-Leveling Mixing Barrel, holding it fast during mixing and keeping it in place during material pouring/placement. MAPEI Self-Leveling Mixing Barrel Cart has been designed to roll easily over textured surfaces and enables easy, precise placement of the mix. The double-handle design allows for the cart to be easily moved and tipped, reducing strain on the cart body and controlling the material placement.