Precast H Series Chair

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These rebar chairs offer the strongest rebar support available. Specifically designed to support heavy reinforcement in concrete foundations, heavy slabs and also specially structures. Constructed out of a durable non-corrosive plastic they cannot change shape and will provide uniform concrete cover. Chairs will accept any bar diameter.  These chairs have many chair heights available and will accept rebar from #3 to #6. These chairs have a weight capacity of 1000 lbs with a wide base for solid footing. These chairs are constructed out of a durable non-corrosive plastic  and are DOT approved Canada & USA. These are sold in Full bag quantities only.

2" RBH-2 (350/Bag)

2.5" RBH-25 (300/Bag)

3" RBH-3 (375/Bag)

3.5" RBH-3 (375/Bag)

4" RBH-4 (300/Bag)

5" RBH-5 (200/Bag)

7" RBH-7 (90/Bag)

7.5" RBH-75 (85/Bag) 

8" RBH-8 (80/Bag)

8.5" RBH-85 (75/Bag)

9" RBH-9 (50/Bag)