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Tilt Finish 20lb.

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Smoothing and Finishing Compound for Concrete Surfaces

Tilt Finish is a versatile, fast-setting, polymer-modified material utilizing a proprietary blend of cements and additives. It is ideal for producing a smooth finish on concrete surfaces before application of paint or coatings.
Tilt Finish is a versatile, fast-setting, polymer-modified material utilizing a proprietary blend of cements and additives. It is ideal for producing a smooth finish on concrete surfaces before application of paint or coatings.
Ease of placement
Smooth, light gray featheredge finish that blends well with surrounding concrete
Highly versatile resurfacer that readily accepts coatings in as little as 24 hours, depending on temperatures
Tilt Finish is compatible with most coatings, paints, integral pigments, sealers, dyes and concrete stains. Verify compatibility before use.
Interior and exterior applications
Smoothing/finishing compound for tilt-wall systems
Patching and smoothing of poured-in-place concrete
Architectural resurfacer for pre-cast beams and columns
Render for smoothing of masonry surfaces
Concrete surface must be clean and free of loose particles, efflorescence, paints, tars, grease, asphaltic materials, bond breakers, curing compounds, wax and any foreign substances.
Mechanically profile and prepare concrete surfaces by engineer-approved methods in accordance with the most current ICRI 310.2R guidelines.
Ensure that the concrete substrate is saturated surface-dry (SSD) before installing Tilt Finish.
Before product use, take appropriate safety precautions. Refer to the Safety Data Sheet for details.
1a. Depending on the application and desired consistency, mix with 3.25 to 3.46 U.S. qts. (3,08 to 3,27 L) of water per 20-lb. (9,07-kg) bag of Tilt Finish.
1b. For additional durability, Tilt Finish may be mixed with Planicrete ® AC rather than with water alone. Dilute Planicrete AC at a ratio of 2 to 1 (water to Planicrete AC), and add between 3.25 and 3.46 U.S. qts. (3,08 and 3,27 L) of the diluted mixture per 20-lb. (9,07-kg) bag of Tilt Finish.
2. Pour the required amount mixing liquid into a clean mixing container and mix while slowly adding powder.
3. Mix with a medium-speed drill (at 550 to 800 rpm) and an appropriate paddle for 1.5 to 2 minutes, ensuring a lump-free, homogenous consistency.
Read all installation instructions thoroughly before installation.
1. Before application, test Tilt Finish on a small sample area to ensure the desired results.
2. Immediately after mixing, place Tilt Finish onto the surface and work it in with a trowel or the sacking method.
3. Allow the product to set before finishing.
4. Trowel to the desired surface finish shortly after placement.
5. The finished surface may be lightly sanded as soon as it is hard, and primed/painted in 24 hours with a compatible water-based paint or coating (depending on temperatures and humidity).
Tilt Finish is self-curing; do not use a damp-curing method.
Tilt Finish can be sealed with curing compounds and compatible water-based sealers within a few hours of placement when temperatures are above 70°F (21°C). Allow 24 hours before applying solvent-based sealers.
Wash hands and tools with water promptly before the material hardens. Cured material must be mechanically removed.
Install from featheredge to 1/8" (3 mm), or up to 1/2" (12 mm) in confined areas (less than 2 sq. in. [13 cm 2]) such as honeycombs and formwork tie holes.
When placing Tilt Finish in voids deeper than 1/8" (3 mm), use the minimum specified water ratio. Use Planitop® X or Planitop XS for repairs deeper than 1/2" (12 mm) and cover with Tilt Finish.
For enhanced durability, mix with MAPEI’s Planicrete AC diluted and/or ensure that Tilt Finish is painted or sealed in environments subject to frequent freeze/thaw conditions.
Tilt Finish can be applied from 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C). Allow for extra curing time when temperatures are below 65°F (18°C). Follow ACI guidelines when installing at temperatures below 45°F (7°C) or above 85°F (29°C).
Do not overwater the mixture.
The mixing ratio must remain consistent for the finish color to remain consistent.
Do not add cements or other chemical admixtures to Tilt Finish.
Do not mix more material than can be applied in 25 minutes.
Honor all expansion and control joints. Cut or tool them as soon as Tilt Finish has cured hard enough to prevent the risk of surface damage.
Protect the installation from excessive heat and/or wind until dry, for about 12 hours at 73°F (23°C).
Protect the installation from rain and fluid for 24 hours after application, and from freezing for 7 days after application.

Product Performance Properties

 Laboratory Tests Results
Compressive strength (ASTM C109) – 28 days > 2,000 psi (13,8 MPa)
VOCs (Rule #1168 of California’s SCAQMD) 0 g per L
Shelf Life and Product Characteristics (before mixing)
 Shelf life 1 year when stored in the original, unopened bag at 73°F (23°C) in a dry area
Physical state Powder
Color Light gray
Application Properties
 Mixing ratio 3.25 to 3.46 U.S. qts. (3,08 to 3,27 L) of water per 20 lbs. (9,07 kg) of Tilt Finish
Application temperature range 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C)
Pot life at 73°F (23°C) Up to 25 minutes
Drying time at 73°F (23°C) 12 hours
Initial set at 73°F (23°C) 25 to 40 minutes
CSI Division Classifications
 Cast in Place Concrete 03 30 00
Concrete Restoration and Cleaning  03 90 00

Size Bag: 20 lbs. (9,07 kg)
Approximate Coverage* per 20 lbs. (9,07 kg)
Thickness Yield/Coverage
 1/16" (1,5 mm) 0.312 cu. ft. (0,289 m³), or 60 sq. ft. (5,57 m 2 )
* Coverage shown is for estimating purposes only. Actual jobsite coverage may vary according to substrate conditions and
setting practices