Foam Release 5 Gallon

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Specifically designed for use as an EPS foam form release agent, Foam Release is a thickened, water-based formula. You'll love the results you get when you apply it to Expanded Polystyrene (ESP) foam forms and form liners. Foam Release is a combination chemically active and physical barrier type release agent. By combining both technologies, Form Release positively prevents concrete from sticking and substantially reduces form stripping time. Form Release provides a crisp release that does not degrade the form or form liner. Annoyances such as removing foam beads from concrete surfaces following form removal is practically eliminated. Most importantly, the success of Form Release often allows for the reuse of form liners or foam forms.

Foam Release reduces concrete surface voids known as "bugholes", will not stain concrete surfaces when properly applied and contains a fugitive (fading color) dye for ease of application. The thixotropic viscosity ensures sufficient coverage on both horizontal and vertical surfaces and often allows for reuse of form or form liner. This Foam Release will dry on form surfaces and is not slippery. It prevents accumulation of dust when dry. The surfaces are residue-free and surface coatings are not negatively affected. Foam Release will meet all federal and state VOC regulations.


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