Release Agent # 10-450 PB

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Precast form release agent, Release Agent #10, is a maximum performance, 100% chemically active concrete form release agent specifically formulated for use on dense, non-absorptive forms. Release Agent # 10-450 is less than 450 g/l VOC.

Use Release Agent #10 on non-absorptive forms such as steel, plastic, fiberglass, HDO, PSF and CBF. Release Agent #10 reacts chemically with alkalis in concrete to produce a soapy film which allows trapped air and excess water to escape during vibration, minimizing surface voids and creating a uniform, architectural-grade finish. This release agent will not leave concrete build-up on the forms and therefore it provides a crisp, clean release.

Release Agent #10 is also ideal for precast operations where forms are used daily or under aggressive stripping schedules and architectural surfaces are the primary objective. Release Agent # 10 provides a crisp, positive release, is fast drying and non-staining while minimizing form cleaning and maintenance costs because forms become self cleaning upon continued use.

It does not impair natural bonding characteristics of paint or other coatings. This Release agent contains a flash rust inhibitor that minimizes rust formation between pours and sprays easily at temperatures down to -30° F (-34° C).


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