Evaporation Retarder 5 Gallon Concentrate

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Time Evaporation Retardant is composed of water, APEO free surfactants, long chain alcohol and fugitive blue dye. When applied over fresh concrete, Time forms a mono-molecular film designed to minimize moisture loss from fresh concrete. 

Time Evaporation Retardant is effective at reducing rapid drying of concrete surfaces during adverse conditions such as high temperature, low humidity, strong winds, direct sunlight, and during heated inside applications. Time Evaporation Retardant has no V.O.C., no toxic or hazardous ingredients.

Time Evaporation Retardant helps produce high quality concrete flatwork by minimizing the evaporation of moisture from the surface of newly placed concrete, extending both workability and finishing time.

By preventing accelerated moisture loss, Time reduces plastic shrinkage cracks, and helps create a high quality even surface texture. Time Evaporation Retardant is beneficial when working with lower slump, and lower water content concrete mixes. Time Evaporation Retardant reduces surface moisture loss by approximately 80% in windy conditions and 40% in direct sunlight.

Time Evaporation Retardant is a concentrated formula to be diluted 9:1 with clean water.


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