Surface Retarder

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R20 - HORIZONTAL SURFACE RETARDER is a water Based liquid that when sprayed on fresh soft concrete will retard the cement and expose the aggregate to produce a three dimensional surface and will retard the set of the surface cement between 12 to 24 hours after application when applied as directed.

The amount of retardation will be influenced by the concrete setting time which, in turn, is influenced by air temperature, mix design, slump, wind, concrete temperature and humidity. R20 - SURFACE RETARDER will only retard the surface cement and will not retard or "kill" the set of the mix.

RETARDER R50 - VERTICAL FAST DRY is an alcohol retardant solution which is applied to concrete forms to retard the set of the surface cement to obtain an exposed aggregate surface. It is viscous enough to adequately coat vertical surfaces and is designed for a fast set. 

For Vertical Surfaces, spray the form work prior to assembly. Allow the material to dry and coat it again just prior to assembling the forms. Do not spray forms with water prior to placing the concrete. Place concrete and consolidate using a pencil or concrete vibrator. 6 hours later remove all form work and spray the surface with a pressure washer to remove retarded cement paste. A mechanical brush or light acid etch may be required to finish the surface.


R20 Horizontal Retarder TDS

R20 Horizontal Retarder SDS

R50 Vertical Retarder TDS

R50 Vertical Retarder SDS