Masonry Magic

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Grease stains in your concrete? If you want to remove them use this product. It's easy to use. Just 1-2-3. 1 - Pour Masonry Magic onto the oil stain. 2 - Let dry (This may take up to 24 hours). 3 - Sweep clean. No scrubbing, no mess.

Masonry Magic is designed to penetrate deep into porous concrete and lift and absorb embedded oil and grease stains. It will safely remove all types of oil and grease stains and the stain will not reappear. It pulls the stain to the surface as the product dries from a liquid to a powder and then just sweeps away when dry (8-24 hrs).

It is biodegradable, non toxic, non flammable and safe on all types of masonry and concrete surfaces as well as being pet and plant friendly.

This product is a long term solution for a balanced ecosystem as it is phosphate free and contains no VOCs and there are no harsh fumes when used indoors.


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